SERP Media helps drive revenue for growth focused e-commerce brands sized $1M-$100M through content creation & amplification. 


Our mission is to amplify brand impact – to help great businesses create good will, at scale. 

We achieve this through storytelling, by making purposeful products more visible and relatable to magnify & maximize the impact of brand message. We live to help grow good brands that make a positive impact in communities where we live and work.


We are a team of filmmakers & media veterans whose sole focus is to help brands bring their story to life, by building meaningful connections between products and people through compelling content that demands attention & drives action. We exist to create.

Our team lives and works in Hollywood, CA – the epicenter of the film industry. We surround ourselves with inspiration & cutting edge creativity that we pour into your work.


We create captivating, eye-catching product imagery & videos that align with your brand to showcase your products and attract the attention of your ideal audience –  with the primary goal of selling more of your products, to more people, more quickly.



All your media needs, completed and delivered.

Each month we create and provide 100% ready-to-post content you can utilize for everything digital – website, social channels, advertisements, etc. – fully polished and formatted for optimal delivery, consumption and engagement specific to the platform(s) your brand utilizes to attract & interact with potential and current customers. 

we are

your team.