product photography

Product photography uses specific techniques to showcase your products in an attractive way that improves brand trust, creates emotional connections between products & consumers, and entices potential buyers to make faster, and more frequent, purchasing decisions.

1 %

of consumers make a purchasing decision based on the product image.

1 %

increase in content engagement for brands with high-quality photography.


Packshots showcase your products against a pure white or transparent (digitally removed) background. They are typically shot straight-on & flatly lit, with shadowless light to minimize/eliminate reflections.

The purpose of packshots are to give the most accurate representation of what a product looks like so that a consumer can make a purchase decision online, withoout ever having to see the product in real life – and that when the product arrives it matches their expectations.

Packshots are done in-studio.

Shot by a professional photographer, then sent to post-processing for photo re-touching, color correction, background removal, reflection reduction.

Product Shots

Product photography shows physical products against white backgrounds with limited creative elements and digital alterations (shadows, detail shots, elements to reference size & texture, photo enhancement., etc.).

Product photography gives consumers an additional layer of understanding about the product so they can make confident purchase decisions without first seeing the product in real life.

Product shots are done in-studio.

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Editorial Product

Editorial product photography showcases products in interesting & creative environments. It allows for graphics, visual stimuli, and other eye-catching elements that interest potential customers to explore further.

The purpose of editorial product photography is to showcase your products in arrangements conducive to creating mood, theme or feelings that builds emotional connections with consumers.

It allows your brand to frequently post visually interesting product photography without consumers experiencing visual fatigue or disinterest.

Editorial product photography is done in-studio.

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Flat Lays

Flat Lays are photographs taken from above, typically placed on a flat surface that serves as the backdrop, or “staging ground”, for the photo. Typically, your product is chosen as the central focus of the shot, while others items/props are arranged in the frame to provide additional aesthetic interest.

Flat Lay photography allows your brand to continually post visually interesting post product photography across your digital channels without consumers experiencing visual fatigue, disinterest, getting oversold, or hitting the unfollow button.

Flat lays are shot in-studio.

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Editorial lifestyle

Editorial lifestyle photography is very similar to editorial product photography, with the distinct difference that it incorporates people. The product is still the center of focus, but people are used to show the product in use.

Seeing your product being used creates an incredibly strong emotional connection between consumer and product, allowing potential buyers to imagine it influencing & improving their life.

Editorial lifestyle photography is shot in-studio, in-public, or on location

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Lifestlye photography showcases the feeling of the brand while also selling the product in a planned setting or specific environment. It usually always involves people (or animals) with the primary goal to inspire people to want to incorporate your products into their lives.

Lifestlye photos give consumers the ability to imagine what a particular product feels like in their hands, how they could use it, or maybe how it “feels.” Using realistic, or stylized setups, lifestyle shoots give ignite consumers imaginations and build strong emotional connections with your product that encourage buying behavior.

Lifestyle photography is shot on location.

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product videography

Product videos provide additional opportunities to supply consumers with information and context needed to influence a buying decision, and most importantly imagine it in their life.

1 %

of people state that product videos give them more confidence when purchasing a product.

1 %

of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product after watching videos about it.


Product Videos add an additional dimension of emotional connection between your product and the consumer. 

In general, video gets more engagement across all social platforms than image based content. Having high-quality videos showcasing your product in a variety of ways is a critical step to leveling-up your brand. 

Everywhere. The more video you have the better. We recommend adding video to your website, ads and social channels.

We shoot product video in a variety of ways. We shoot product video in-studio, allowing us to keep the situation controlled.

We shoot product videos vérité (meaning in real or real-ish settings, showing your product in use in context.

We also shoot product videos as part of our lifestyle setup productions.

They work very well when combines with motion graphics & animation that highlight product features & benefits that aren’t obviously apparent to the viewer.

For example, maybe you have created the world’s most durable computer case, made from adamantium, making it literally indestructible. Your customer would probably want t know that – and we could show it using text based motion graphics.

motion graphics

Motion graphics provide another layer of interest to product videos – allowing us to incorporate text, or non-text, based elements to highlight product features, communicate benefits, and introduce promotions.


Ranging from a simple color fades, zoom-in effects, or even entire spots – animation allows us to bring imagination into reality.


long form media

Long form media allows us to tell your brand’s story and highlight your mission, vision & values to give consumers true interest and connection with your brand – beyond simply enjoying the products you produce. 

1 %

of users watching video on mobile will share it with others.

1 %

of consumers want to see more video content from brands.