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USB Headset with Microphones

Discover the latest USB headsets with microphones in this comprehensive roundup, including top-rated brands, features, price comparisons, and user reviews for the perfect audio experience.

Discover the latest USB headsets with microphones in this comprehensive roundup, including top-rated brands, features, price comparisons, and user reviews for the perfect audio experience.

Discover the perfect device that combines comfort and functionality for your remote work, gaming sessions, and video calls with our USB Headset with Microphones roundup. These essential tools deliver superior audio quality with crystal-clear microphones, ensuring effective communication in any setting. Stay connected and productive with our top picks, handpicked to offer the perfect blend of sound and style to suit your specific needs.

The Top 5 Best USB Headset with Microphones

  1. Gaming Headset with RGB LED Lights and Noise Cancelling Microphone - Experience immersive gaming with Ozeino’s PS5/PS4 Headset, featuring 7.1 surround sound, noise-canceling microphone, customizable RGB LED lights, and comfortable memory earmuffs. Elevate your gameplay with crystal-clear audio and seamless communication.

  2. Stylish PS4 Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound - Experience immersive 7.1 surround sound and crystal-clear communication with the USB Gaming Headset featuring noise-canceling microphone and comfortable memory foam earmuffs, perfect for PS4, PC, and other USB compatible devices.

  3. Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headset: Quality Microphone & Comfortable Fit - The Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headset offers a comfortable fit, easy USB plug & play setup, and a noise-canceling microphone for clear communication on Skype and during PC gaming, making it an essential multimedia accessory for any user.

  4. Wireless Gaming Headset with Cat Ears - Experience exceptional gaming with the Somic GS510 Wireless Headset, featuring adjustable cat ears, a retractable microphone, 7.1 surround sound, and strong compatibility with PS5, PS4, and PC - perfect for a seamless and immersive experience.

  5. HP USB Gaming Headset with Microphone, 7.1 Surround Sound, RGB LED Lighting, Noise Isolating Over-Ear Game Headphones - Experience immersive gaming with the HP USB PC Gaming Headset, featuring noise isolating microphone, 7.1 Surround Sound, RGB LED Lighting, and compatibility with PCs and laptops.

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Gaming Headset with RGB LED Lights and Noise Cancelling Microphone


The Ozeino Gaming Headset is an excellent addition to any PS5 or PS4 player’s arsenal. When connected, there’s no setup required - just plug and play. The USB jack supplies power to the RGB lights, adding a vibrant touch to your gaming experience.

One of the standout features of this headset is its superior sound quality. With a noise cancelling microphone and a high-precision 50 mm neodymium driver, it provides a 3D stereo surround sound that envelops you into the game. This immersive audio experience gives you an advantage over your opponents and enhances your overall gameplay.

The microphone itself is no slouch either. It uses the latest noise cancelling technology to remove ambient noise, enabling crystal clear communication between you and your teammates. Its rotating feature allows for comfortable and versatile usage.

However, there are a few downsides. Some users reported issues with receiving incorrect products or difficulties contacting the seller. Additionally, a few reviewers found the build quality to be lacking compared to more expensive models.

Overall, the Ozeino Gaming Headset offers excellent value for money, particularly if you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish, and effective solution to enhance your gaming experience. With its impressive sound quality and user-friendly features, it’s definitely worth considering.

Stylish PS4 Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound


As a die-hard gamer, I’ve tried many gaming headsets in my quest for the ultimate gaming experience. Recently, I stumbled upon this vibrant Rainbow LED USB Headset with Mic, and it’s safe to say it’s been a game-changer.

The first thing that caught my attention was the 7.1 Surround Sound. It not only enhances the sound quality, but also helps me locate audio cues better in games like CS: GO and Fortnite. This immersive audio effect is a game-changer for serious gamers like myself, who need an edge over their opponents.

Comfort is key when gaming for hours on end, and this headset doesn’t disappoint. Its lightweight design and adjustable headband ensure a comfortable fit, while the soft memory foam earmuffs keep my ears relaxed during long gaming sessions. Plus, the 2.25m cable provides ample flexibility for those times when I’m lying on the couch.

The active noise cancellation feature is a game-changer. It blocks out most of the environmental noise, providing a more focused gaming experience. This was particularly useful when I was playing late at night and didn’t want to disturb my housemates.

Visually, the Rainbow LED backlit omnidirectional microphone gaming headset is a sight to behold. Its vibrant colors and stylish design make it a visual treat, fitting perfectly into my RGB-lit gaming setup. The omnidirectional microphone is a nice touch, providing clear audio without the need to be too close to my mouth.

One downside is the lack of adjustable head size. Even though it seems to fit most people, it would be great to have the option for a customized fit. Additionally, it would be nice if this headset was compatible with my PS4 console, which I feel would be a perfect match for its immersive audio and comfortable design.

Overall, this Rainbow LED USB Headset with Mic is a perfect addition to any gamer’s setup. Its 7.1 Surround Sound, comfortable design, and stylish appearance make it a top contender in the gaming headset market. If you’re as serious about your gaming experience as I am, this headset is definitely worth a try!

Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headset: Quality Microphone & Comfortable Fit


I’ve been using the Sennheiser PC 8 USB headset for a while now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my daily life. From Zoom meetings to listening to music, this headset delivers the dynamic stereo sound you need. The noise-canceling microphone is a standout feature that filters out ambient noise, making my Skype calls incredibly clear.

One of my favorite aspects is its volume control and microphone control switches, conveniently located on the headset. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear even during long calls, and setup is a breeze with its easy USB plug & play connectivity.

However, it’s not all perfect. I did find the build quality to be a bit flimsy, especially when you consider the price. Additionally, the noise-canceling feature seems more effective with noise that’s a bit farther away, rather than right up close. Despite these minor drawbacks, the PC 8 USB has become an essential part of my multimedia setup at home.

Wireless Gaming Headset with Cat Ears


As a first-time user of the Somic GS510 Wireless Gaming Headset, I was pleasantly surprised by its functionality and comfort. The 2.4GHz wireless connection ensured a steady connection with my PS5, PS4, and PC, offering an ultra-low latency of just 0.02s. The virtual 7.1 surround sound, combined with its powerful 50mm driver, immersed me in the game’s audio like never before. Plus, the three professional sound modes provided a variety of sound effects, tailoring the audio experience to my preferences.

The retractable microphone with 120-degree rotation was also impressive. It allowed for high-quality voice transmission and reduced background noise, providing a clearer communication experience. The strong compatibility with multiple gaming devices was another standout feature, as it enabled me to use the headset for my various gaming setups.

However, there were a few cons that caught my attention. Firstly, the headset does not support Bluetooth, which could be a limitation for those who prefer a Bluetooth connection. Secondly, while the USB headset works with the PS5 controller, the USB plug doesn’t fit the front ports on PS4 Pro, which may require some adjustments when connecting to such devices.

In conclusion, the Somic GS510 Wireless Gaming Headset offers a superb audio experience with its virtual 7.1 surround sound, retractable microphone, and strong compatibility with multiple gaming devices. Despite its limitations, this headset is definitely worth considering for those looking for a comfortable, immersive gaming experience.

HP USB Gaming Headset with Microphone, 7.1 Surround Sound, RGB LED Lighting, Noise Isolating Over-Ear Game Headphones


The HP USB PC Gaming Headset with Microphone is a must-have for gamers who value comfort and performance. I have been using this headset for a while now, and I’m absolutely in love with it. The ergonomic design and lightweight material ensure that it can be worn all day without causing any discomfort. The adjustable microphone is perfect for clear communication with teammates, and the noise-canceling feature minimizes any background noise. The headset also boasts some cool RGB LED lighting that adds to the overall gaming experience.

One aspect that really stands out is the 7.1 Stereo Bass Sound Effect. It’s incredible how immersive the gaming experience can get with this headset. The headset’s responsive audio drivers make it easy to gauge the direction of incoming sounds, which can be a game-changer in intense gaming sessions.

However, there were some compatibility issues initially when connecting the headset to my computer, but it was quickly resolved and not a problem with the headset itself. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality gaming headset that delivers both performance and comfort.

Buyer’s Guide

USB Headset with Microphones-2

Important Features to Consider

When looking for a USB headset with a microphone, consider the following features:

  • Comfort: Make sure the headset is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This is especially important if you’ll be using it during long gaming sessions or video calls.

  • Sound Quality: The headset should produce high-quality audio, both for listening and for speaking into the microphone.

  • Microphone Quality: The microphone should be able to pick up your voice clearly without any background noise. Look for noise-canceling features, if necessary.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the headset is compatible with your computer or gaming console. Most USB headsets work with both Windows and macOS, but some may not be compatible with gaming consoles.

Considerations for Different Uses

The ideal USB headset with a microphone may vary depending on its intended use. For example:

  • Gamers might prioritize comfort and sound quality, while videoconferencing users may focus more on microphone clarity and noise cancellation.

  • For music production or other professional applications, additional features like EQ settings and surround sound might be important.

USB Headset with Microphones-3

General Advice

When choosing a USB headset with a microphone, keep these tips in mind:

  • Read reviews from other users to get an idea of the headset’s performance and durability.

  • Consider purchasing from reputable retailers or manufacturers to ensure quality and product support.

  • Check for any warranty or return policies that may be offered by the manufacturer or seller.


USB Headset with Microphones-4

What is a USB headset with microphone?

A USB headset with a microphone is a headset that connects to a computer or device via a USB port. The headset typically features two earpieces for listening and a microphone for speaking. USB headsets are commonly used for gaming, video conferencing, and hands-free phone calls.

Why should I use a USB headset instead of a regular headset?

USB headsets offer a few advantages compared to regular wired or wireless headsets. First, they are easy to set up – just plug them into a USB port and they’re ready to go. Second, USB headsets often come with built-in controls for volume, mute, and other functions, allowing you to manage your audio experience without needing to reach for your computer or device. Finally, USB headsets can provide high-quality audio since they directly connect to your device through a digital interface, reducing interference from other devices.

USB Headset with Microphones-5

How do I choose the right USB headset with microphone?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a USB headset with microphone:

  • Comfort: Pick a headset with comfortable padding on the headband and earpieces that rest gently on your ears.

  • Sound quality: Look for a headset with high-quality audio drivers and noise-canceling microphones for crystal-clear sound.

  • Build quality: Durable materials and a solid construction ensure that your headset withstands daily use.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the headset is compatible with your device’s operating system.

  • Extra features: Some USB headsets include advanced features like built-in noise canceling, adjustable boom microphones, or detachable cables.

Can a USB headset with microphone be used with a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, some USB headsets with microphones are compatible with mobile devices. Check the product specification or manual to confirm compatibility with your specific device.

USB Headset with Microphones-6

How do I set up and configure my new USB headset with microphone?

Simply connect the USB headset to your computer or device’s USB port. In most cases, your device will automatically recognize and configure the headset. If needed, you may install additional software or drivers provided by the headset manufacturer.

How can I troubleshoot common issues with my USB headset with microphone?

Some common issues and their solutions include:

  1. Low volume or no sound: Check the volume level on your device and make sure the headset is selected as the default audio output. If necessary, adjust the headset’s built-in controls or consult the manufacturer’s documentation.

  2. Microphone not working: Ensure that the microphone is properly positioned and that any noise-canceling features are disabled. Check the device’s audio settings (input and output) and make sure the microphone is selected as the default input source. If necessary, consult the manufacturer’s documentation or seek help from their support team.

  3. Interference or static noise: Ensure that the headset is connected directly to the USB port and isn’t being routed through a hub or extender. If necessary, move the headset and its cables away from other electronic devices to reduce interference.

How do I clean and maintain my USB headset with microphone?

To keep your USB headset in good working condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly inspect the headset for any visible signs of wear or damage, including torn padding, fraying cables, or loose connections.

  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild detergent to gently clean the earpads and headband. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the headset’s surface.

  • For the microphone, carefully remove any debris using compressed air or a soft-bristled brush. Avoid using liquid cleaners on the microphone or its components.

  • Store the headset in a protective case or pouch when not in use, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture to prevent damage.

How long do USB headsets with microphones typically last?

The lifespan of a USB headset with microphone can vary depending on factors such as quality, usage, and maintenance. Generally, a well-constructed headset with proper care and usage can last several years. To extend the life of your headset, follow the maintenance and cleaning tips mentioned earlier and avoid subjecting it to excessive force or stress.

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